Carrie Petri

Web Designer / Photographer


Carrie and Julie have been best friends since they met in high school on Valentine’s Day, 1991. They love to sing together and can harmonize without a second thought. She is Julie’s rock, her BFF, the ying to her yang; the softest shoulder to lean on and best collaborator a gal can ask for.

Carrie’s style: technical, flexible, methodical, educational, natural.

Web Design

Carrie is Lovenote Creative’s go-to advisor when it comes to web design & WordPress. You can definitely thank her for tweaking the website you’re viewing right now. She has designed & coded websites for small businesses & local bands, including scores of eBay stores for TruSky. When she teaches herself something, she goes all out; learning it well enough to be able to write tutorials on the subject. Her professionalism and knowledge of the medium are extremely impressive.


She has the cutest Olympus Four Thirds camera and loves to photograph concerts. She gets tons of compliments, including one from her favorite singer, Justin Furstenfeld from Blue October! After seeing her pictures, a local band, Rainy Day Crush, has told her that she’s their official photographer from now on. She has been Julie’s second shooter on a couple of weddings and is very talented. Oh, and check out her Etsy store for some great product photography of her adorable jewelry.


Carrie’s creativity stretches in countless different directions: she is a naturally great photographer, a whiz at Photoshop, taught herself pro-level CSS & HTML, designed & coded hundreds of eBay stores, has the patience of a saint, is a self-taught guitarist (and plays the mandolin, dulcimer & ukulele), handcrafts adorable custom jewelry, crochets beautiful blankets for all sorts of occasions, catches on to concepts with ease, loves to write tutorials (blogs, guitar tablature & crochet), moderates forums, is an avid reader, and goes camping almost every summer weekend with her hubby! Phew! When does she have time to breathe?


Adobe Photoshop
Tutorial Writer